A 22-year-old man from Ohio lost his life for playing with a toy gun in Walmart.

According to the Daily Mail, John Crawford was shot by the police after he was seen holding a toy gun. Crawford and his girlfriend Tasha Thomas, were shopping in the local Walmart in Beavercreek when he walked over to the toys section.

A woman called 911, claiming that Crawford had a gun and was waving it at customers. It was then that police officers arrived on the scene and shot him as he tried to tell him the gun was a toy.

The drama unfolded on Tuesday night after a witness at the scene told a 911 dispatcher that a man with a rifle was near the pet supplies section and appeared to be loading a firearm. ‘There is a gentleman walking around with a gun in the store. … He’s, like, pointing it at people,’ the witness said. According to abc22, the two officers involved in the shooting were Sgt. David Darkow and Officer Sean Williams. Later in the call, sounds like gunshots can be heard, followed by someone screaming for people to leave.

LeeCee Johnson, the mother of Crawford’s two children says she was on the phone with him when he died. She says she heard the entire incident and Crawford cry in pain after he was shot.

LeeCee Johnson, who has claimed to be the mother of Mr Crawford’s two children, said she was speaking to him on the telephone when police descended on the scene. Dayton Daily News report her as saying: ‘We was just talking. He said he was at the video games playing videos and he went over there by the toy section where the toy guns were. And the next thing I know, he said “It’s not real,” and the police start shooting and they said “Get on the ground,” but he was already on the ground because they had shot him.’ ‘And I could hear him just crying and screaming. I feel like they shot him down like he was not even human.’

Beavercreek Police and Ohio Attorney General’s Office claim that the police officers on the scene acted appropriately and have yet to respond to the claims made by the witnesses.

 After the shooting, Chief Dennis Evers, Beavercreek police Department, said: ‘Officers confronted the subject inside the store area near the pet supplies holding a rifle. The officers gave verbal command to the subject to drop the weapon.

‘The subject later identified as John Crawford was shot after failing to comply with the officer’s commands.’.

Thomas insisted that Crawford didn’t have a gun on him when they entered the store. She says that she didn’t see the incident but knew that he walked over to the toys section.

Crawford is survived by his two children with Johnson;  one-year-old John Crawford IV and Jayden Crawford, who is 4-months-old.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc. 

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