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What goes up must come down.

Season four of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire ended with some stunning shockers, but season five promises to introduce new enemies, new goals, new drama, and teases the inevitable: falling empires.

We can’t divulge too much about season five, but what we can tell you is the seaside town’s final hoorah begins immersed in The Great Depression. With the stock market crash of 1929 behind them, Americans struggle to recover from the psychological effects and economic devastation brought on by the world’s financial crisis.

With Nucky Thompson heading to Cuba to do business with Bacardi, Dr. Narcisse’s power growing steadily, and Chalky’s future appearing dismal, the fifth and final season of Boardwalk Empire will begin seven years later, in 1931.

After witnessing the accidental assassination of his daughter, Maybelle, Chalky finds himself entrenched in darkness…and in a chain gang.

The reputation he once had is forever tarnished, and the life he once knew is forever changed. But who said change is a bad thing?

If you know anything about Chalky White, he is a man of great resilience and he’s equipped with a keen sense of street smarts and fierce survival instincts.

And Boardwalk Empire is all about survival of the fittest, right?

How long will Chalky be locked down in a chain gang? We’re guessing not for long.

And where is Daughter Maitland?

Who knows, but we have our suspicions that Daughter will reappear in season five, just in time to assist Chalky on his quest for revenge and of course, his business endeavors.

We also know Dr. Narcisse’s role will be more complex and compelling this season. The calculating Harlemite is the prominent source of Chalky’s problems, and season five will either afford him the opportunity to reign supreme, or fall by the wayside.

Season five seems promising and of course, complicated, but with only eight episodes to conclude this prohibition-inspired series, fans should expect jaw-dropping drama and shuttering shockers within the very first episode.

Who will ultimately survive the murder and mayhem? We shall see.

But remember, change is coming.

Find out the fates of Chalky White, Nucky and Eli Thompson, and Dr. Narcisse on HBO – Sunday, September 7th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


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