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The 125-foot Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coaster, Colossus, caught on fire Monday afternoon outside L.A., ripping through the wooden tracks and causing part of the scream machine to collapse. The roller coaster, which closed in August, is being revamped with a new twisted steel track, and is scheduled to reopen next year. The fire was under control shortly after 2 p.m. and no injuries were reported. The original Colossus was one of the largest wooden coasters in the world, spanning up to 10 acres, and nearly 13-stories high. [Buzzfeed]

Another Ebola patient from West Africa will arrive in Atlanta for treatment Tuesday morning. Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. James Wilson says the patient will be flown into Dobbins Air Reserve Base outside of Atlanta. Emory University hospital has not released any other details regarding the patient. Two aid workers who contracted Ebola while working in Liberia were treated successfully last month at Emory, while a third patient is being treated in Nebraska. [HuffPost]

According to the Dutch Safety Board preliminary report on the tragic Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 plane crash, the aircraft broke apart due to “large numbers of high-energy objects” from outside the aircraft. The report, published on Tuesday, states the MH17 crashed due to external objects penetrating the fuselage, and that “there are no indications that the MH17 crash was caused by a technical fault or by actions of the crew.” These findings in the investigation support earlier speculation that the aircraft was hit by a missile. [HuffPost]

It’s true what they say — people don’t play when it comes to their food, and this office crime scene proves just that. A 31-year-old man stabbed his co-worker in the arm after he took a meatball from his lunch and ate it. The victim was taken to a local hospital and later discharged, while the aggressor fled the scene. There are no details on whether or not the man was apprehended, but according to police, charges are still pending. [Gawker]


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