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A mother has been locked up since 1994 after being accused and charged for slitting her son’s throat, but a judge just found her innocent after all these years. Michelle Murphy is now a free woman after new evidence showed that DNA did not match up. She received the news just this past Friday. That same day also happens to be the 20th anniversary of her son’s death, with her lawyer calling it “appropriate timing.” [Daily Mail]

Paris Hilton is breaking her silence on reports that her family had 400 kilos of cocaine seized in Costa Rica. A rep for Hilton told the press that they’re shocked by the story, since her family doesn’t own a ranch in Costa Rica. Plus not to mention, the Hiltons “have absolutely nothing to do with this” according to statement. [TMZ]

TJ Lane‘s escape plot, that included two other inmates hopping a fence at an Ohio Prison, was not a secret, as apparently prison officials were made aware just a day before it happened. According to reports, prison officials had segregated an inmate, who warned them about a plot to escape, but there was no follow-up from officials after the fact. Fortunately, TJ Lane is back in custody, but many wonder why he isn’t in the maximum security section of the prison. [Daily Mail]

A woman named Kimberly Ong was caught cursing out a man named Ryan Arakaki on tape, after he cut her off while the two were driving down a road in Honolulu. Ong – who had her son in the car at the time – became upset with Arakaki and tailgated him until he pulled over. She then got out of the car and proceeded to yell at him for his actions, which he filmed for a video that just went viral. [Daily Mail]

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