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In the midst of all the chaos happening in Ferguson, Missouri, a police officer has reportedly been shot in the arm after encountering two men at a community center who ran from him. On Saturday evening, the police officer approached the men around 9:10 p.m because the community center was closed. The men quickly ran away as the officer approached. As they ran away, the police officer began chasing after them and one of the men turned around and fired a shot. A search is currently underway for the two suspects. The shooting was not related to the Ferguson protests. [ABC News]

A bus carrying a North Central Texas College softball team through Oklahoma was struck by a tractor-trailer late Friday night. A total of 15 people have been injured, along with 4 who were tragically killed. The tractor-trailer allegedly crossed over the center median of highway I-35. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain Ronnie Hampton has stated: “What we do know is that the semi (truck) was headed north on I-35 when he departed the roadway and entered the southbound lanes. When it impacted the bus, it just kept going and went off the side of road.” [Gawker]

How scary is this? A man followed a woman to her apartment in Central Park West and sexually assaulted her late Friday night. The man reportedly stalked the 36-year-old woman as she made her way back to her home off of 105th street in the Manhattan Valley neighborhood around 11:10 p.m. Once he got to her place, he forced his way inside and forced her to perform a sexual act on him. The attacker later fled but left behind his hat. Police hope to obtain a DNA sample from the object left behind. [NY Daily News]

Fox News is known for being quite the controversial news source. Earlier this week, Fox News host Eric Bolling made a very sexist comment about a female pilot. Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri, the female pilot from the United Arab Emirates who led a mission this week in Syria against ISIS, was criticized by Bolling, who referred to her mission as “boobs on the ground.” Viewers were outraged after his comment aired, even his wife. Bolling issued a public apology, saying he regrets the sexist comment. [Daily News]


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