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She’s a growwwwn woman, and she can do whatever she wants with that hair of hers.

Look, Beyoncé could go bald and we would still be bowing down to Queen Bey and all her flawlessness. In fact, she’s been transforming her tresses so much as of late that who knows? That could be her next thing (although, if we’re being honest here, it probably won’t be and we’re more than OK with that).

Last week, Bey bid her “baby bangs” adieu in lieu of long, flowy locks. But last night, she switched. Yes, Beyoncé pulled a Beyoncé and dropped a new ‘do on us yet again.

Well actually, her latest look wasn’t so new. For the Brooklyn Nets game last night, Bey brought her old bob back, the same one she first sported back in September.

Mrs. Carter and her curly coiff sat courtside at the season opener with her hubby Jay Z to help cheer on the home team against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Of course their team won last night, as does everything else Bey blesses with her presence.


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