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We may all know him as one of the best musical collaborators out there right now, and more recently, a new dad. But as his casual dress has indicated throughout his career, we should also recognize Future for his incredible sense of style. The rapper recently opened up his coveted closet for The Coveteur, and the clothing inside is as magnificent as one might expect.

In the featured article, the 31-year-old spills the beans on how he chooses what to wear, saying:

“Being a hip-hop artist doesn’t influence my personal style. I wear whatever I feel most comfortable in and whatever’s appropriate at that time. In any situation, I’m always me. I’m always Future.”

Of course, if you are going to look as fresh as Future does, you have to make sure you’re groomed to perfection:

“Grooming is a necessity. I get my locks twisted bi-weekly.”

The daddy to baby Future also revealed that he enjoys his snacks just like the rest of us, admitting:

“[My go-to snacks are] Life Savers Gummies, M&Ms, & Smartfood popcorn.”

And in addition to flashing his pearly whites, he also shared all the things he cannot live without:

“I can’t live without my…

1. Glyph Technologies GT050 (Hard Drive)

2. IPhone

3. Macbook

4. Sunglasses

5. Candles

Check out more what Future’s got in his closet over at The Coveteur. Trust us, he does not disappoint.

SOURCE: The Coveteur| PHOTO CREDIT: The Coveteur

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