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Protests around the country in defense of Eric Garner, who was killed after a Staten Island police officer put him in a chokehold, have gotten intense, but his family is very proud of those participating.

The mother of the Staten Island victim, Gwen Carr, recently praised the protesters for all of their dedication to the case.

Daily Mail reports Garner’s mom had this to say:

‘It is just so awesome to see how the crowds are out there,’ said Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, who added that she herself even ended up stuck in her car after protests shut down traffic’

‘I was just so proud of that crowd. It just warmed my heart.’

Meanwhile, protests are still ongoing around the country, but last night, things got pretty real for those in Berkley, California, as protesters were hit with tear gas.

According to SF Gate, over 400 protesters squared off with police after more than five hours of marching, which led to officers tossing tear gas at them when things started turning violent.

The site reports:

Police arrested five adults and a juvenile on unspecified allegations, said Officer Jennifer Coats, a Berkeley police spokeswoman. Coats said protesters vandalized police vehicles and threw various objects at officers, including bricks, pipes, rocks and bottles. Some threw back smoke grenades that had been lobbed by officers, she said. One officer suffered a dislocated shoulder after being hit by a sandbag, she said.

But many protesters complained that they were subjected to excessive force.

It wasn’t just protesters who were gassed.

Minutes before the police dispersed the crowd at about 10:30, several concerts had let out downtown. Well-dressed concertgoers waiting to pay in a nearby garage were enveloped in a cloud of stinging gas, sending them running into elevators

This week, Tyrese Gibson helped lead a protest in Los Angeles, adding to the momentum of those speaking out against police for their consistent brutality towards minorities.

We will keep you updated on the latest out of the protests around the country.

SOURCE: Daily MailSF Gate | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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