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Big brother Tip to the rescue.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Iggy Azalea. Ever since the nominees for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards were announced, Iggy, who was nominated for four Grammys including “Best Rap Album,” has been under intense fire.

After Azealia Banks’ emotional Hot 97 interview this week, Iggy Azalea hopped on Twitter to speak her piece. Unfortunately, Iggy’s take on Azealia’s interview missed her entire point on cultural appropriation, sparking a ton of criticism.

Over the next few days, Azealia Banks got into a Twitter beef with Action Bronson over the interview, but rap legend Q-Tip and Solange came to her defense when Action fired off a few questionable tweets.

Q-Tip then took it upon himself to give Iggy Azalea the most epic lesson on hip-hop history via a series of tweets. Late last night, Iggy’s mentor T.I. also hopped on Twitter to set the record straight.

One of these days Iggy may respond to all the controversy, or she may continue to do what she’s been doing – ignoring it.

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