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Jamie Foxx is not one to keep mum about anything that he’s passionate about, especially when it comes to defending a friend. While on stage at the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday, the Oscar winner spoke about the recent criticism that Quentin Tarantino faced from police unions and conservative pundits for attending an anti-police violence rally, according to THR.

At the rally, the New York Post reported that Tarantino told the crowd that “[w]hen I see murders, I do not stand by … I have to call a murder a murder and I have to call the murderers the murderers.”

Jamie defended Tarantino, saying, “Keep telling the truth, keep speaking the truth and don’t worry about none of the haters.” Police unions in L.A. and Chicago claim that the director’s comments were “inflammatory rhetoric” and even threatened to boycott his work.

If you thought Ocean’s Eleven was a great film, you won’t believe its upcoming new installment. An all-female remake of the 2001 hit has been confirmed with Sandra Bullock as the lead.

According to reports, Hunger Games director Gary Ross will take over where Steven Soderbergh left off. No word yet on the rest of the casting choices, but sources say that with Gary Ross as director, there may be a chance that Jennifer Lawrence hops on board with the project.

Matt Damon‘s flick, The Martian, has been dominating the box office. The film came in at number one for the second weekend in a row and the fourth weekend out of the five it has been in theaters, totaling $182.8 million domestically. Sony’s Goosebumps came in second, raking in $10.2 million this weekend, while Bridge Of Spies held the third spot, bringing in $8 million.

AMC is giving fans another look inside an episode of The Walking Dead. In this video extra, the cast and creators describe Morgan’s dramatic evolution that made him the man he is today. Catch The Walking Dead Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Watch the clip here.

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter, Jezebel, Box Office Mojo, AMC | PHOTO CREDIT: AMC, Getty 

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