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Less than ideal working conditions have long plagued many countries around the world.

But in a very unique expose, the Associated Press visited Thailand to bring attention to the hardworking slaves who are forced to peel shrimp. Their days begin at 2 a.m., and if they don’t get up on time, they’re beaten. The Thai workers spend their days with their hands drenched in ice water while peeling shrimp guts and ripping heads off before the finished product is shipped off to grocery stores in the United States.

The AP’s investigative reporting has been responsible for freeing more than 2,000 entrapped fishermen. The outlet’s work has also led to plenty of arrests and the seizure of millions of dollars. To understand the immense depth of corruption, the AP shadowed one of the workers, 22-year-old Tin Nyo Win. Tin’s name is never used by his superiors, he’s known only by his number – 31.

I was shocked after working there a while, and I realized there was no way out,” said Tin Nyo Win.

Other people have been forced to work in these shrimp peeling shacks hidden in plain sight on residential streets for up to 8 years.

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SOURCE: Associated Press | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform