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Over the weekend, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne made headlines as divorce rumors swirled around the couples’ split. Sharon even skipped out on the her TV show yesterday, with her co-host citing the need for personal time. Today, Sharon’s speaking up and seems to be confirming what many suspected to be the root cause of their issues.

“This is not the first time she’s been through this – she’s just not taking it quietly this time,” the source continues. News of their split broke Saturday amid rumors of infidelity on Ozzy’s part. Sharon addressed infidelity rumors on Tuesday’s The Talk, telling her co-hosts: “I’m 63 years of age, and I can’t keep living like this.”

Surprisingly, even though she’s speaking out, divorce might not even be on the table.

“A source told PEOPLE that no divorce is being discussed at present. Previously, a source told PEOPLE that they would not be surprised if the couple worked through their breakup, noting that Sharon believes that Ozzy is having an affair.”

Who can blame her? It’s not that infidelity is appropriate and it’s not that she should have to stomach the embarrassment, but after three kids and thirty-three years of marriage walking away couldn’t possibly be easy.


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