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Future must have known that changes were coming now that his ex-fiancée and baby’s mother, Ciara, has married NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, but nothing could have prepared him for a video that Ciara and Russell put out on Facebook Live, showing two-year-old baby Future calling his new stepdad “papa.”

TMZ got a hold of the video that shows the newlyweds seemingly preparing for an event as they are getting their hair and makeup done. Baby Future is being held off to the side when he asks for a “mama kiss.” Ciara happily walks over and plants one on her son.

Moments later, Future asks for what sounds like a “papa kiss,” to which Wilson obliges as well.

The rapper and his ex already have an incredibly testy relationship, as does Future and Wilson. This will probably only add to the bad blood that has existed for quite some time.

Future is known to take to social media to air his grievances with Ciara and Russell, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on his Twitter to see if the toddler’s biological father has any thoughts on Russ’s new nickname.