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Mariah Carey has had her fair share of mishaps in her nearly 30 year career.

But the singer says she doesn’t know why the press comes down so hard on her when everyone is out here making mistakes. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, MC revealed her theory as to why the media criticizes her for her calamities. The reporter asked, “There’s always been a great deal of criticism toward you whenever you’ve had an onstage misstep while other performers are embraced for their mistakes. Why?”

Mariah answered, “I don’t want to sound like, to quote my own song, a pity party of the year. But I would like to know. I have a few theories. I’m just not sure that everybody would understand. I think to some people, I’m a nebulous person — ambiguous, and they don’t know how to categorize me and that scares some people. That’s what I feel. And it’s always something that’s followed me.”

Despite being caught lip syncing a few times (and blaming it on someone else), the legendary singer believes she deserves a break from the constant taunting just like everyone else. She continued, “Also, I may be perceived as somewhat over-the-top. Then again you look at other artists and they do whatever they want — and I would have added two more words to that sentence. But when it comes to me it’s, ‘Oh well, she’s not allowed.’ Maybe it’s just too difficult to give me a break for some people.”

If Mariah Carey believes that she’s the only one on social media being ridiculed, she must’ve missed all the times Black Twitter enjoyed roasting sessions together as a family. Beyoncé may be the only celeb except from social media wrath.

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