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Metro Booming In Concert - New York, NY

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Concert goers have been known to throw things on stage during rowdy shows, but one concert goer found out that 21 Savage is not the one.

At a recent Issa Tour stop, the rapper paused the show to go off on an attendee for tossing something at the stage. In the viral video clip of the incident, Savage stopped mid song and said, “Stop that sh*t, bruh. Hey, stop that sh*t or we’ll beat yo ass, bruh . . . For real, bruh. That’s not what you want, bruh, on God.” But unlike some artists, the Atlanta emcee found it in his heart to let the trash thrower stay at the show when security threatened to put him out. He said, “Nah, he good. Don’t kick him out. Just don’t throw nothing else.” See below:

After Kevin Gates assaulted a woman for touching him on stage, fans show know to keep their hands (and trash) to themselves.

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