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The internet is going nuts over the news of Howard University student, Tyrone Hankerson Jr.‘s financial aid scam. How did he do it? Why? Here’s what we know.

Multiple Howard University employees were fired after a whistleblower uncovered their scheme and blasted them on social media. The employees allegedly stole over a million dollars from the school. Hankerson is accused of embezzling  $429,000 from Howard’s financial aid while working as a student employee in the financial aid office. The irony in all of this is that he used that stolen money to help him earn a law degree.

Here is Hankerson for reference.

As a student employee in the financial aid office, Hankerson received tuition remission, which means for the most part he attended college for free. However, he and a few other employees fixed the system so that they could receive grants and scholarships as well. These were grants and scholarships that they didn’t need because they were already going to school for FREE.99!

So, what did Tyrone Hankerson Jr. do with all that money?

He finessed.


He lived his best life.

He bought Gucci bags.


He bought $2600 shearling fur coat (looks more like Snuffleupagus fur but…)


It goes without saying that the internet is having a field day with the discovery of Tyrone’s scheme and the results of all the things he was paying for. A college student being able to afford Gucci bags and expensive trips definitely looks sketchy. I wonder how he was able to get away with this for so long. Needless to say, Tyrone has released an official statement in hopes that he can prove his innocence.

Regardless, Black Twitter is going to get these jokes off and there’s nothing Tyrone Hankerson or anyone at Howard University can do about it.

Still, some students were unable to receive financial aid and thus, unable to attend school because of this. Hopefully, justice is served.

But this was definitely the “juug” of the year.