Khloé Kardashian (sort of)

Khloé got played AGAIN this week.

But this time, we’re going to apply the “when one door closes, another one opens” phrase to her situation…

And hopefully, it’s a much brighter, loyal, non-cheating a$$ door.

According to TMZ, chronic baby daddy and philanderer Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloé again, and this time he allegedly did it with Kylie Jenner‘s bff Jordyn Woods.

Ironically, sources say Tristan flew into L.A. to spend Valentine’s Day with Khloé and their daughter True on Thursday. But that following Sunday, sources captured Tristan all boo’d up with Jordyn.

They were locking lips and everything.

Khloé discovered Tristan’s two-timing shenanigans and swiftly gave him the ax, according to TMZ.


On one hand, Khloé can’t seem to sustain a W, considering Tristan cheated on her before back in October 2017 when Thompson was caught at a hookah lounge getting “friendly” with various women. All this happened before he was captured on video going into an NYC hotel with another woman back in April 2018. His filmed proclivities sparked a social media uproar, considering Khloé was close to giving birth to True at the time.


Tristan clearly gives zero effs about any devices that can capture infidelity.

Some might say Khloé deserves these multiple L’s since she hooked up with Tristan while he was allegedly still with Jordan Craig back in 2016 (Jordan was also pregnant with her and Tristan’s child Prince at the time).

But damn.

Tristan is disrespecting Khloé in the most public way.

And think of the children people!


Khloé just needs to find herself another basketball player who’s loyal.

That exists right?

Meanwhile, Tristan should just comes to terms with his lusty ways, and for any woman trying to put a ring on Tristan, they should Google “open relationships” or “polyamory.”

And the Kardashian kingdom and their casualties will live happily ever after.



Speaking of entities that give zero effs, fashion labels seem to be a reoccurring one.

Some of these labels are willing to bypass anything in the name of art, lewks or fashion.

This includes, but is not limited to…




And just overall bad taste.

Burberry made this mistake when they had the audacity to send a model down the runway wearing a noose.

The incident occurred during London Fashion Week when a model wore a hoodie with a noose around the neck for Burberry’s A/W 2019 runway show.


The move sparked outrage, even from model Liz Kennedy who was involved in the show. In an Instagram post, she argued that she opposed the outfit before the show, but the organizers wouldn’t listen to her:

“Suicide is not fashion. It is not glamorous nor edgy and since this show is dedicated to the youth expressing their voice, here I go. Riccardo Tisci and everyone at Burberry it is beyond me how you could let a look resembling a noose hanging from a neck out on the runway.”

She continued:

“Let’s not forget about the horrifying history of lynching either. There are hundreds of ways to tie a rope and they chose to tie it like a noose completely ignoring the fact that it was hanging around a neck.”

Liz then went on to say her family member experienced suicide, and she tried to stop the noose from appearing in the show:

“I had asked to speak to someone about it but the only thing I was told to do was to write a letter. I had a brief conversation with someone but all that it entailed was ‘it’s fashion. Nobody cares about what’s going on in your personal life so just keep it to yourself’ well I’m sorry but this is an issue bigger than myself.”


Eventually, the hoodie was removed from Burberry’s collection and they issued an apology, you can read at Fortune.



These board rooms.

You’d think they were filled with clueless, heartless minions.

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