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Summer Walker is not to be slept on.

After dropping her debut album Over It, the Atlanta singer-songwriter hit fans with the posh video for her single “Playing Games” featuring Bryson Tiller. And now, she’s partnered with Apple for a very special conversation, in which she and the equally honest Ari Lennox chat about everything they’re “over.” The convo covers a range of topics, from plastic surgery to relationships and more.

As you’ve probably already guessed, it’s a very amusing interview. They get right into it and first on Summer’s list is waxing. “I feel like the D has to be good enough for me to get a wax. I’m not going through that pain for no damn reason,” she tells Ari, who hilariously asks “Ok…. so, then do you prefer hair?”

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They’re also over bras. “I like my titties to be free… that’s why they’re always peaking out and saying ‘hello.’ They know I care about them.” “We’re gonna free our f*cking nipples right now!” Ari yells, to which Summer replies “Not right now.”

Watch the HILARIOUS clip up top and learn a little something about our faves.

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