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In honor of one of the Internet’s favorite scorpios, we celebrate Future with a series of our favorite memes inspired by him. The 38 year old rapper joined forces with “Baby Pluto” Lil Uzi Vert on their latest project Pluto x Baby Pluto. Future has given us countless classics through the years filled with top charting hits. Hits like “March Madness” and “Mask Off” are both iconic songs that have significantly impacted the culture.

Future has not only giving us the hits but he has given the Internet a lot to think about. His personality is so effortless that his reactions easily become memes the world can relate to. From his Twitter rant moments to his quote-worthy song lyrics turned memes, the rapper certainly influences the masses. Whether the timeline is discussing toxic masculinity or handing out relationship advice, Future remains an integral part of the conversation.

Here are a series of memes inspired by Future Hendrix himself:

Certainly, we remember the “toxic ex-boyfriend” memes inspired by a few photos of Future.

Future and Ciara’s relationship is nonexistent but the memes are not. Someone really photoshopped Future in the Seahawks uniform intercepting their child together affectionately known as Baby Future.

The classic video of Future saying “sensational” during an interview has cycled the Internet over the years in the most fitting moments. Surely, this one will never get old.

Not sure why Future is this hysterical, but it seems that anything he posts becomes the next hot topic. He has so many photos perfect for any situation and a reaction for absolutely any occasion.

A nod to Future’s pen is necessary amongst this list of memes. Yes, someone said even Shakespeare may have been inspired by the Billboard top charting artist.

Allegedly, there’s a book of Future memes made perfect for misogynists far and wide. Ladies, men are well read and taking a few pages out of Future’s book.

This one of Future looking at himself in the mirror was a hit. It became the funniest meme during Jada Pinkett-Smith’s notable entanglement.

All in all, we give thanks to Future for blessing the people with entertainment in his music and memes.

Happy Birthday, Future! Feel free to share and celebrate another year of life for Future, his wisdom and series of “sensational” memes.