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An African Couple in Love are Having a Fun in the Park.

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All month long we’ve been celebrating relationships. Love birds showed their appreciation for one another on Valentine’s Day and, in case you weren’t aware, February is also International Friendship Month.

Of course, social media has been reflecting the lovey dovey, cuddle buddy, entanglement times with quips about toxic ties and more on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. From crushes to cheating these influencers pretty much covered the funniest and most regrettable situations — especially from the ladies point of view.

Check ’em out below and be sure to tune in for Pt. 2 of relatable TikToks next month.

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When your boyfriend is on his phone.

When you finally give that great guy a chance.

When you have to let your best friend’s new man know who comes first.

When you’re worried about him, but he isn’t worried about you.

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When you let your text-pectations be known.

When he goes through your phone.

When you think you’re about to get some, but Mother Nature says “Think again.”

But then, your time to shine has finally arrived…

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