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<p>Besides the fact that he was just down right INSENSITIVE thing to say while mothers, fathers, and children are still bleeding, buried alive under buildings or worse: I believe Pat Roberston is wrong.</p><p>I had to address just one last thing. As it relates to Pagan or Devil Worship. If Haiti&rsquo;s past is dark, is America&rsquo;s any brighter? Is Haiti cursed for her pact but America not for sanctioning abortion? oops. Where do you draw the line? Every nation under the sun could stand to repent for her sin. Every nation. Each one has chosen a kingdom other than the one she was born to serve and obey <em>at least once</em>&hellip;.(yes, I&rsquo;m being sarcastic. So, the question remains: could Haiti&rsquo;s sin have invited an earthquake? Did New Orleans&rsquo; sin invite Katrina? Did Asia the tsunami? Perhaps on some level it did but I think the church, corrupt government, etc. must share that responsibility. Perhaps our failure to demonstrate the love, compassion and service of God in our families, communities, cities, nations and world has invited that dis-ease beneath the earth and above the sea. Perhaps our failure to submit to God&rsquo;s rule has opened us all up to more than just earthquakes and tornadoes but sickness, poverty, depression, corruption, murder, perversion, addiction&hellip;need I go on?</p>