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Nicki Minaj coming back with that twerkkkk! In Busta Rhymes’ new video, appropriately named, Twerk It, Nicki does a little more than spit a few verses…  Nicki kills it, as the video is filled with her twerking and reclaiming that twerk queen title … sorry Miley! Watch for yourself! She’s really amping this twerk craze […]

Lana Del Rey has released a new single titled, “So Legit.” And it sounds like the New York native has picked a catfight with fellow New Yorker Lady Gaga. The “Young And Beautiful” singer sharpens her claws and lyrically attacks Gaga in this unapologetic no holds barred, vicious track. “Stefani, you suck, I know you’re selling […]

USC is under fire for failing to properly address and punish allegations of rape brought forth by women on campus. These failures are violations of Title IX, a federal gender equality law.  One girl explained that she was told by campus police that when a man forced himself into her, it was not rape because […]

Childish Gambino has finally released a new single titled “Centipede.” The actor turned rapper hits us with a new six-minute solo track that embraces and fixates on love, loss and what could have been.  “I know this music sh*t ain’t sh*t/And all these random n*ggas in my house make you anxious/And I ain’t never told […]

Hosted by the Catalyst Network Foundation on Tuesday night, a panel discussion on the topic of social inequality and injustice in the American public school system took place. The event was at The Taj Lounge in New York City and was crowded with men and women, eager to hear what the Meeting of the Minds panel would […]

Last night, Anderson Cooper hosted a special event addressing race in America. He invited the outspoken rapper, Nas (2:32), to offer his opinion. Nas stepped up to the plate:  We tend to judge each other. If I don’t know something about you, Anderson, I’m going to judge you based on a bad experience I had with […]

It’s #FactsOnly And the saga continues. Earlier this morning, we brought you the first part of his interview with Jay Z and RapRadar’s Elliott Wilson. In the first part, the Jigga man discusses his journey on getting accustomed to fame and the ideas behind his new released record Magna Carta Holy Grail.  In part two […]

MONTENEGRO: The tiny Baltic state’s first gay pride parade was welcomed by 200 violent demonstrators, who clashed with police and peaceful, prideful marchers. Considering that two thirds of Montenegrins believe homosexuality is an illness, the fact the march was able to take place at all is a surprise. [NBC] QATAR: Qatar’s new emir, Sheikh Tamim […]

Lady Gaga just loves teasing us, doesn’t she? The “Judas” singer recently starred in a pic posted by her makeup artist, Tara Savelo, on the star’s official site Little Monsters. The photograph showcases Gaga with some paint and an easel at hand, crafting what seems to be the cover art for her anticipated new single, […]

As we continue to wait for Drake’s highly anticipated forthcoming album Nothing Was The Same, it’s hard not to wonder what it will sound like. Sure, we’ve gotten teasers here and there, when Drizzy decided to release four new songs back in June.  But of course that wasn’t enough. In lieu of this dilemma, we’ve found a […]

As if we needed another reminder as to why guns are bad. A 72-year-old Tennessee woman fired her .22 caliber rifle at a car full of children because they backed up into her driveway. Oscar Scott, his wife, and five children were returning home from a family trip to Virginia when they decided to take […]

As we continue to reflect on not-guilty Trayvon Martin trial verdict, the controversial stand your ground law that aided in George Zimmerman’s defense has come to the forefront of the discussion. But what exactly is stand your ground? In which states is it the law? What are its implications? Below, find your stand your ground […]