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USC is under fire for failing to properly address and punish allegations of rape brought forth by women on campus. These failures are violations of Title IX, a federal gender equality law.  One girl explained that she was told by campus police that when a man forced himself into her, it was not rape because he did not orgasm. The women coming forward hope to inspire change, as they say there is a widespread disregard for women on campus. [HuffingtonPost]

18-year-old Joseph Michael Brannen saw his dreams go up in smoke. Literally. The Florida teen set fire to a library in the hopes of joining the real firefighters who would come to put it out. They quickly realized Brannen started the fire, and did not allow him to help put it out. The fire caused $500,000 in damages. Brannen was arrested for arson and is out on a $3,000 bail. [Gawker]

Los Angeles Clippers star J.J. Reddick drew up a contract with his former girlfriend Vanessa Lopez, who claimed to be pregnant with his child. The “abortion contract” stipulated that Reddick would attempt to keep dating Lopez for a year if she terminated her pregnancy, or he would give her $25K and stop dating her. She would have to show him evidence that the abortion actually took place. Soon after, she and Reddick ended their undoubtedly romantic relationship, Lopez began seeing married star Shaquille O’Neal. She later claimed he was harassing her, but was found to be a liar by the judge. [DailyMail]