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Kendrick Sampson is still going viral for his storyline and fineassness on HBO hit series, Insecure.

The actor and social activist plays Nathan on the show. He is Issa Dee’s love interest, who caught a lot of flack for being unreliable until viewers learned he’d been struggling with bipolar disorder. Nathan’s presence on the show has made way for discourse about mental health and the shame people feel when discussing it or seeking help. Thankfully, the series sees Nathan and Issa get to a better place, in which Nathan is addressing his pattern of fleeing when things get hard, while Issa comes to terms with her own flakiness.

Speaking of flakiness, in the most recent episode “Choices, Okay?!” Issa is haunted by her old boyfriend Lawrence who keeps popping up in her dreams. As viewers know, Lawrence dropped the bombshell that his ex Condola was expecting his child — right when he and Issa seemed to be getting to a good place romantically. Issa decided she would not stay with Lawrence through his baby mama drama and fell back into Nathan’s arms… but is she suddenly regretting her decision?

Only time will tell, but regardless of which man Issa chooses, we’d like to go on the record to say the actor behind Nathan’s character is top-tier. And, after getting a view of his nude backside during Sunday’s episode, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate just how beautiful Kendrick Sampson really is.

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1. Issa husband.

2. Issa intellectual.

3. Issa cover king.

4. Too fine.

5. Lawdamercy.

6. Man of the people.

7. You’ve got to love him…

8. And his smile.

9. Congrats, Kendrick!

10. Stay tuned for what he has in store next.

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