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Natasha Rothwell, Yvonne Orji, and Issa Rae in Insecure season 5, episode 4

Natasha Rothwell, Yvonne Orji, and Issa Rae on set of HBO’s hit series Insecure. | Source: Merie W. Wallace / HBO

After last week’s viral shenanigans starring Lawrence and Condola, Insecure returned with an all-new episode.

In “Faulty, Okay,” Issa heads over to ex-bae Nathan’s beach party, but things are awkward between the two after he dipped out on a recent cuddle session, in the middle of the night no less. Nervous to see him again, Issa embarrasses herself from the moment she pulls up and it doesn’t help that Nathan is being super standoffish. Also worth noting: there’s a gorgeous young lady by the name of Resha, who may or may not be dating Nathan, hanging around the party. Eventually we find out she isn’t, but first Issa is tortured by the idea that they’ve been “f*cking.” Elsewhere, Molly is trying to choose between two of Nathan’s fine friends.

On the drive to the next spot fans get some insight into how Issa’s love interest is feeling. Nathan tells a friend that Issa is all over the place and doesn’t know what she wants. His friend, however, notes Issa agreed to pull up to a second location, so, in his mind, she obviously wants him back (and he’s right).

Issa Rae and Kendrick Sampson in 'Insecure' season 5, episode 4 "Faulty Okay?!"

Issa Rae and Kendrick Sampson on set of HBO’s Insecure. Source: Glen Wilson / HBO

When they’re all seated and talking, Nathan’s family and homies call him out on being “gone with the wind like a little light skin leaf,” but Issa has his back — a moment that seems to soften his resolve. Then, after a tough talk with his cousin, Nathan opens up during a conversation with Issa, explaining he was manic while living with his family. Finally, the love birds discuss their on-again, off-again relationship and agree they don’t want to be just friends. When they kiss in the final scene, there’s a (second) earthquake. Yep, looks like Nathan and Issa are back on.

See some reactions from fans of the show below and be sure to tune in every Sunday at 10:01 p.m. ET on HBO.












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