1. French and Khloe share a romantic kiss

2. French embraces Khloe.

3. Kim rocks a very flattering dress earlier on in the day.

4. French makes Khloe laugh on the .

5. Khloe embraces French Montana during her birthday yacht party in NYC

6. Khloe and French board the yacht together

7. The Kardashians head to Khloe’s b-day yacht party

8. Kendall Jenner looks at the incredible NYC view

9. Khloe and French get close while on the top of the yacht

10. Kim, Kris, and Kendall go apartment hunting

11. Kim, Kris, and Kendall try on some construction hats

12. Kendall Jenner posted this seductive photo on the yacht

13. Kim Kardashian poses with bestie Loren Ridinger

14. Kourtney Kardashian shared this adorable photo of Khloe for a b-day shoutout

15. Kris Jenner posted this photo of the Statue of Liberty

16. Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner show off their figures while apartment hunting

17. Kris Jenner shares this picture of endless champagne

18. Kendall Jenner posted this photo of her with the family and French Montana

19. Kim posted this photo with her sisters

20. Kris Jenner showed off the view of the yacht

21. Kim kisses up on Loren Ridinger

22. Kylie Jenner poses with Willow Smith in SoHo

23. Kim dances it up on the yacht!

24. Kim looks back at it with her girlfriends

25. Kylie and Willow laugh in front of some street art

26. Kim Kardashian heads to Khloe’s yacht party

27. Kim shows off her curves in NYC

28. Kris Jenner heads out to apartment hunt for Kendall

29. Kourtney Kardashian heads out of her hotel

30. Kim boards the yacht

31. French and Khloe board the yacht for her b-day party!

32. French and Khloe board the yacht for her b-day party!

33. Khloe looks amazing for her yacht party

34. French rubs on Khloe for her b-day party

35. Kim Kendall and Kris head out to apartment hunt in NYC

36. Khloe wears some sweats while French embraces Loren Ridinger

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