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For nearly five decades, Toni Morrison, born Chloe Wofford, has gifted the world with unyielding insight and beautifully strung stories of life in America, racism, women, and love in the form of many award-winning novels, short stories, and essays. Since the publication of her first novel, The Bluest Eye, at age 39, Morrison has been a beacon for […]

Two weeks into his new hit show, our boy Larry Wilmore had to issue an apology. The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore host came under fire for a joke about Black women being bossy. “Is it because black women are too bossy?” he asked, later asking his panel, “On a scale of one to ten, […]

Welp, Raven-Symone got impeached by #BlackTwitter today. It wasn’t an easy decision, but after she told Oprah that she didn’t want to be labeled as “gay” or “African-American,” but rather be labeled as “just American,” #BlackTwitter had to throw her black ass in the 2014 race draft. After a few cyber gasps and a couple “bishhh whets?” […]

As with many narratives from civil rights movements, women have largely remained on the fringe when recalling important roles and ideas, often acting as background in history books, and almost nonexistent in popular tales from our time on the front lines. This invisibility is also present when discussing police brutality among the black community. It’s uncommon […]

Like every other woman on the planet, we black girls obsess over our hair, nails, makeup, and other beauty woes that just come with being a girl. But then there are times when specific needs have to be met…and meeting them is a frustration all our own. From hunting down the perfect foundation, to explaining the […]

Ruby Dee, legendary actress, civil rights activist, and stage performer, has died at the age of 91. Her daughter confirmed the beloved performer’s death to The Associated Press on Thursday. Nora Davis Day told The Associated Press on Thursday that her mother died at home at New Rochelle, New York, on Wednesday night. Dee, who […]

For 25-year-old Karlesha Thurman, graduating from California State University, Long Beach was a rewarding gift not only for the hardworking student, but for her infant daughter as well. Sadly, as it happens in this misogynistic society, many were offended and turned off by a photograph of the mother and daughter at the graduation ceremony — […]


“We the jury find Angela Y. Davis not guilty.” With those nine words, activist Angela Davis found herself acquitted on all three counts of murder, kidnapping, and criminal conspiracy — charges she was falsely accused of in 1972. This week marks the 42nd anniversary of Davis’ acquittal. Since those tense 16 months she spent behind […]

Racism is alive and well all over the world and finding new ways to affect its victims. According to a new study, there are a lot of new reasons more and more people have been classified as obese and racism may be one of them, as scientists found that women who are more frequently victimized […]

Amidst heavy criticism and backlash about the lack of ethnicity on his G I R L album cover, Pharrell took to Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to clear the air and defend his art. With the number one song in the country, and days before the release of his second solo album, Skateboard P called in to the popular radio […]

Let’s skip the formalities and get right into this. Yes, I am disappointed with Pharrell’s cover art for his highly-anticipated album, G I R L. But don’t call me angry. I’m not necessarily thrilled that he decided to name an album G I R L and the best example of diversity he could find of […]