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The phrase “soft life” is everywhere you turn. The trend is the topic of discussion across every social media platform. Read more about what it means and how you can begin living your best soft life.

A soft life is specifically catered to Black women. It’s characterized as Black women living a life of ease, peace, comfort and intentional joy. It’s a reminder to be selfish when we are usually selfless. A soft life is another way for Black women to set conscious boundaries for their betterment. There is no room for hatred, stress or negativity. It consists of mutually beneficial relationships and tons of self-care.

Social media users may be tired of seeing soft life this and soft life that, but it is fine time for Black women to start embracing their highest selves. The soft life is also a testament to calling in the divine feminine. Women spent so much time fighting for equality, pushing to secure the same rights as their male counterparts. Now, women are looking to do less and invite more to divinely come to them.

Are you ready to let go of hyper-independence and allow your needs to be met? A soft life equals Black girl luxury.

Be sure to follow these easy steps to embrace your soft life below:

Put Yourself First

It’s ME season! A soft life is all about putting yourself first. You can start by creating a morning routine that includes drinking a cup of water as soon as you wake up, a moment for meditation, and a few minutes outdoors. Once you begin prioritizing your needs, the soft life is yours for the taking.

Set Clear & Intentional Boundaries

Intentional boundary setting might be one of the toughest things to do on this list. However, it is life changing. Learn to set clear and meaningful boundaries in your relationships so that you can truly prioritize yourself and see improvements in your life.

Make Time For Self Care

This is the most important part. Take that solo trip, book that spa appointment, draw up a bath, light your favorite candle, cook a delicious meal and love on yourself. We learned about pouring into ourselves during the pandemic, and it should continue to be implemented into the next phase of your softest life.

Don’t Chase, Just Embrace

Once you put yourself first, set your boundaries in your relationships and remember you are worthy, everything that is meant for you will naturally gravitate towards you. Stop chasing and know that you will attract it. Feminine energy is centered around receiving, creatively, intuition and flowing with ease. It’s effortless when you embrace it.

Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence

Leave that stressful life behind. Stress raises your cortisol, which leads to fatigue, headaches and weight gain. If you want to avoid a stressful life, begin to strengthen your emotional intelligence. Many of the struggles we face are mental.

Call In Your Tribe

Life gets challenging sometimes. Don’t get so consumed in the hustle that you forget to call in your tribe. Lean into your loved ones and be sure to comfort one another.

Drive Slow Honey

A queen does not rush. She moves with grace. There is no need to fit everything in one day. Everything is in divine timing.

Restoration Is Key

Most importantly, rest! Take time to renew your energy. This is separate from self-care as that requires work too. Restoration is key and requires nothing but a clear mind.

Try these tips and comment how they have helped you reach your soft life. 

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