Rick Ross said “f*ck a blog,” and Scarface said “f*ck a rap beef.”  Besides news about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby, Common’s latest Drake diss has been the talk of music town. BURY DA BEEF: Commons Goes Smack At Drake Again! A lot of people have been weighing in on the matter, but rapper Scarface tweeted […]

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our last respects to a ‘friend’ that has been dear to many musical artists, fans and readers….that ‘friend’ is HIP-HOP BEEF.” What forward-moving purpose does Hip-Hop beef serve? Can someone please educate me? I was a little thrown aback by the recent beef that spread quickly throughout […]


Listening to Stay Schemin’, Common‘s Drake diss track this morning, I was struck by this verse: you a bitch cuz you cling like a bitch that’s 18 can’t say my name but rap about a nigga’s wife you so black and white/ trying to live a n*gga’s life (Italics mine) Those lines are an old […]

Common and Serena Williams may be re-kindling their romance through music, either that or Serena is just a real fan of her ex-boo’s new song about her. STORY: Serena Williams Subtweets Drake! In an exchange of Twitter gems, Common simply tweeted out asking his fans which one of the songs on his album were their […]


When Common first dropped “Sweet,” the aggressive third single off of his ninth solo album, The Dreamer, The Believer, the collective rap blogosphere went nuts. As you all probably already know, in the song it seems like Common sends some subliminal disses to Drake.  BURY DA BEEF: Drake’s Producer Noah “40” Shebib Goes Smack At […]

Noah “40” Shebib reps hard for his homies! Though 40 is mostly known for his ability to deliver heavy hitters to the radio waves, his most recent Twitter rant proves that he’s not shy to hit heavy on Twitter either. BURY DA BEEF: Common Joins The List Of Rappers Who Aren’t Feelin’ Drake The Canadian […]

Celebrate, celebrate, it’s time to celebrate! EXCLUSIVE: Common Turns The Dreamers Into Believers At His Album Listening Party Common celebrates in his new video “Celebrate.” The video kicks off with an Army soldier arriving home from years at war, when he’s surprised by his closest friends and family in a huge celebration.  “Celebrate” is off […]

Monday (Dec. 12) Warner Bros. Records held an intimate listening session at Catch for Common’s ninth album, The Dreamer, The Believer. It took place in the heart of the Meat Packing District in New York City. The dimly lit room created a calm ambiance as the excited crowd awaited Common’s arrival. PHOTOS: Common Finally Gives The […]

Common has been prepping for the release of his ninth studio album The Believer, The Dreamer, but that’s not stopping him from keeping his acting feet wet. PHOTOS: Common Cuddles With His New Boo In The Club! The rapper/actor is starring in AMC’s brand new show Hell On Wheels, playing Elam Ferguson and is clearly […]

Sorry ladies, it’s lookin’ like Common has a new girlfriend. The 39-year-old Happy Feet 2 actor, took some time out from dissing Drake to dance with his new girlfriend. PHOTOS: Common Dances With His New Girlfriend In Atlanta The unidentified woman showed off her red lips and long hair complimented which compliments Common’s light and […]

Rapper/actor Common released some great behind-the-scenes photos from his “Blue Sky” video shoot, and we have them all. STORY: Common Sense 101: An Education In Hip-Hop For Fox News The shoot took place in the historic Barclay Hotel in downtown Los Angeles and was directed by Paris. Ladies, even peep pics of him in bed and dressed fresh to death […]

Common sat down with the folks from Reebok for an exclusive interview and opened up about working with Kanye West and J. Dilla. In a video that will debut during this weekend’s Rock The Bells concert, Common talks about working with two of the best producers in the game.  In 2005, Common released his sixth […]