I had the opportunity to meet The Game a few times while I was in Atlanta. While we didn’t hang out we did have a nice discussion on some things and he seems like a cool dude. Cool, but that cool dude you can’t bring anywhere. A few hours ago the Cali Rapper went […]


This week my mind became distraught as I recapped the past month of fashion in my head. After the thoughts from my mental roll-a-deck had been confirmed thanks to the paparazzi and many media outlets I came to one conclusion: The pregnant woman of the moment must have all be in denial that they are […]

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What did Rihanna have to do for people to start noticing her and become a style icon? Well Cassie has gone one step further in her bid for pop / cultural

Christina Applegate is a recent cancer survivor and my favorite cast member of Married With Children.I heard she had to loose her breast because of the cancer which is terrible but guess what? Christina still smokes cigarettes.She’s a total jackass won’t you agree?<p>Chris Brown is stressed.All jokes aside I wish him the very best. Isn’t […]

And I will use this time to vent. What I don’t understand is why they claim to not be together and want to keep a supposed "low profile life" yet they are seen in public places where they know the paparazzi is going to be. In fact, I really wouldn’t be too surprised if they […]

So looks like "The Dream" met moms, and mom looks proud of her daughter’s choice. What would make there relationship really work is if "The Dream" produces the hell out of Christina’s next album.


Russell and Dr. Ben hit the Governor’s office in NYC for a rally to end the Rockefeller Drug Laws.  Check out the new episode of ‘On My Grind’ to see what Dr. Ben & Russell want the Governor to know! -Michael Skolnik Produced and directed by Christina Paljusaj -Russell Simmons


Produced and directed by Christina Paljusaj Russell visits the Magic convention in Las Vegas and shows off the new season of Argyleculture. -Russell Simmons

Ryan Gosling has revealed that he taught Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera all the secrets of sex when they were teenagers on the Mickey Mouse Club.