People do a lot of things for the ‘gram, but let’s not forget that folks go hard for the book too — Facebook. Social Media personality Alonzo Lerone took on Facebook’s weird food combos challenge and needless to say, it’s just as funny as it is gross. Some of the crazy combos included Cheetos with […]

You are not dreaming. You can now enjoy your favorite childhood treats in the form of breakfast. Oreo O’s cereal is back and brought some friends along for it’s re-release. After a ten-year hiatus Post Consumer Brands has brought back Oreo O’s as well as three new cereals which are also household names – everyone’s […]

If grocery shopping is your least favorite chore of the week, Amazon and Whole Foods might make life a whole lot easier. Amazon is now offering its Prime members free two-hour delivery from Whole Foods in Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach, Va. The service started on Thursday and if successful, it could expand to other […]

Michelle Carr was shocked out of her mind when she found a dead lizard in her salad—minus the tail. She’d prepared the meal herself, but it turns out the lettuce was store-bought. Carr, a resident from Kittery, Maine told WMUR, “It was disgusting. It was a shock. I immediately started to retch.” “I put my […]

We all know people can be picky about how they cut their sandwiches. The horizontal vs. vertical argument can cause controversy alone. One customer at a RSL Club eatery in New South Wales was so picky about their sandwich, they had to return it when it wasn’t cut equally. “It was a bingo lady, in […]

In all actuality, it turns out every Skittle in the rainbow tastes the same.

  Mimi Choi is a makeup artist from Canada who’s makeup skills are magically delicious. Choi is known for her amazing makeup transformations — mostly beating her face to resemble food.     One time, Choi even put makeup on her hand that looked like actual toast and jelly! Wild. Hit the flip to check […]

Move over Paula Deen! There’s a new chef in town and he’s less racist! Lil’ B has his very own cooking show and we didn’t realize how much we needed this until just now. Food Makes Me Happy is the Bay Area rappers new cooking show on AwesomenessTV. In the series, Lil B will partner with various chefs […]

So someone in Taipei, Taiwan thought it would be a good idea to open a bathroom-themed restaurant. It’s called Modern Toilet. Customers’ food gets served in a bowl that resembles a toilet and they even have a swirling chocolate sundae option that resembles poop. If you can stomach the idea, check it out for yourself […]

Thanksgiving is in a couple of days and I’m excited to head over to my mother’s house for some good homecooked food. It’s a safe and reliable bet for food. While a few of my friends either plan on house hopping for Thanksgiving or are going over to a friend’s place for the big meal, […]

  The art of scamming has now taken it’s talents to your local grocery store. A Facebook video has gone viral showing how food vendors are tampering with the quantity and quality of the products that people are buying from them, right in front of people’s eyes. One video shows a vendor keeping a fruit […]