President Obama showed immense support for Vice President Joe Biden during the funeral for his late son Beau Biden. Thousands including First Lady Michelle Obama came to give their respects to Beau. During the ceremony, Obama gave an emotional eulogy. People reports: “Anyone can make a name for themselves in this reality TV age, especially in today’s political world. If you […]

The murder of Chinx has shocked the hip-hop community, but his loved ones are the ones really feeling his loss. Funeral services for the Coke Boyz rapper, whose real name is Lionel Pickens, were held in Queens, New York earlier today, where friends, family, and fans gathered to say their goodbyes as he was laid […]

Since the sudden death of Lionel “Chinx Drugz” Pickens, the family has released information on his funeral arrangements, as well as details on how fans can help with donations. Police are still looking into the shooting that took the 31-year-old’s life and left his friend and Coke Boy rapper Yemen in critical condition, Pix11 reports. The rapper was shot and killed early Sunday […]

On Monday morning, thousands of family, friends, and supporters attended the funeral of Freddie Gray, a Baltimore resident who joins many other young colored victims of police brutality. Gray, 25, died after suffering a spinal injury during an arrest at the hands of Baltimore police two weeks ago. His death brought support from other families who have lost loved […]

According to new reports, a homeless man from Georgia broke into a funeral home recently, stole a bicycle, and had sex with one dead woman’s corpse. Georgia police arrested 26-year-old Domonique Smith this past Monday, and during their investigation into the Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service burglary, they reportedly found evidence of necrophilia. 5NewsOnline reports: “The […]

Bobbi Kristina‘s boyfriend Nick Gordon is scheduled to appear in court this Monday for reckless driving charges dating back to 2012. According to the Daily Mail: A warrant for his immediate arrest will be issued if he does not turn up at Fulton County State Court in Atlanta at 9am. This news comes in days after Bobbi […]

The family of Vanessa Collier was saddened and shocked when her funeral was cut short because of her sexual orientation. Collier’s friends and family gathered at the New Hope Ministries in Lakewood, Colorado to honor the mother of two – who may have committed suicide – on Saturday. When pictures were displayed of Collier and her wife, Pastor Ray […]

Seventy-one people are dead and about 200 others are sick after drinking a poisoned homemade beer in the village of Chitima in Mozambique. According to state-run Radio Mozambique, after returning home from a funeral late Friday, a group of people stopped in an area where customers can buy a popular homemade beer called “Phombe.” Those who drank the […]

  Despite NYPD Commissioner William Bratton’s request that officers not turn their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio during the funeral for an officer killed in a brazen attack in December, dozens ignored his wishes, choosing instead to partake in the silent protest. The action defied Bratton’s wishes, but also sent a larger message to […]

As the family of 19-year-old Jonté Lee Reed paid their respects to him Saturday morning at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in South Los Angeles, a man hopped into the hearse and drove off with his casket still inside. The incident happened Saturday morning around 11 a.m., as funeral director Kenneth Little went to arrange flowers. His wife […]

Administrators at a Northern California high school have banned the “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts from being worn during a basketball tournament. Both Mendocino boys’ and girls’ basketball teams were uninvited from a Fort Bragg tournament because there were concerns that the players would wear the t-shirts – which honor police chokehold victim Eric Garner – […]

Floyd Mayweather paid for his friend Earl Hayes‘ funeral. Hayes shot his wife Stephanie Moseley and then turned the gun on himself. Mayweather believed Hayes’ family deserved the right to mourn the death of their son despite what happened. Our prayers go out to their families. [Daily Mail] Muhammad Ali is currently hospitalized for pneumonia. The 72-year-old […]