Today is a big day for Eminem, but instead of celebrating the release of his highly anticipated album, he’s addressing the controversy surrounding his fiery six-minute track “Rap God.” “The Monster” emcee was slammed by gay activists and critics for his use of homophobic slurs like “faggot” and negative references to “little gay looking boy.” […]

Be free Mister Cee, be free. It’s no secret legendary Hot 97 Mister Cee has been struggling with his sexuality over the past few years. After he was caught soliciting transexual prostitutes on numerous occasions, along with the new allegations that surfaced yesterday, Mister Cee decided to resign from Hot 97 after decades of spinning […]

Lots of celebrity couples have posed for photo shoots together. While it didn’t save the relationship for some (Reggie and Kim Kardashian), it’s acting as huge publicity for others (Brangelina). We rounded up some of our favorite shoots including the birthday girl, Kim Kardashian (happy birthday!) and Reggie’s steamy shoot. Take a look at these […]


Willow Smith is on the fast track to stardom. It doesn’t hurt that she is the only girl born to her super successful parents, actor and actress Will and Jada Smith. The nine year old just released her first single and has confirmed that she is the youngest act to sign to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation […]

There’s no denying that Willow Smith is unique from her voice down to her clothes, so it is quite appropriate for the rising star to attend Milan Fashion Week. The 9 year old was photographed with her mom, Jada at the Emporio Armani show (Sept. 25, 2010). Also in attendance were Pierre Sarkozy, Megan Fox, […]

It’s that time of year again for another famous face to celebrate their special day. Happy birthday Jada Pinkett Smith! With so many achievements under her belt, she’s proven to be such an empowered female. This Baltimore beauty is an accomplished actress, appearing in hit movies such as Collateral, The Matrix Reloaded, Ali, and the […]

I think its safe to say that the Smith family has officially taken over the entertainment industry. With superstar parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and big brother Jaden to pave the way, nine year old Willow Smith makes a statement with her first single, “Whip My Hair”, which has caught the attention of […]

The Smith family is getting pretty big these days. Willow and her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, were spotted sight-seeing in New York City on Wednesday (Sep. 1). Despite the blazing New York City heat, they walked around Central Park looking rather cool in their dark shades and casual clothes. Willow and her brother, Jaden Smith, […]

Willow Smith is officially a fashion icon. She is the future of our world and it’s about time we start paying closer attention. So why is In Touch weekly saying Willow Smith swagger jacked Adam Lambert? The popular magazine wrote ‘Willow’s copying Adam’s Style!, is Adam Lambert Willow Smith’s inspiration? Sure looks like it.’ Well it […]


As the promo tour for Willow Smith’s older brother [Jayden Smith’s] Karate Kid 2 continues, the fashion choices are still creating quite the stir. As the Smith family popped up on the red carpet in Madrid, Spain Willow awed the crowd with her beautiful green eyes and unique style. It wasn’t the layered feather jacket […]

We all read that right. Will Smith is set to star in, and produce, The Legend of Cain, starring as Cain, Adam and Eve’s son who allowed jealously to lead him to commit what has been called the world’s first murder. The twist? Cain and Abel will be vampires. Apparently, this vampire obsession that the […]

The Smith family made it to the BET Awards, and boy do they all look fine as ever. Those kids definitely got a lot of their beauty from their sexy mom Jada Pinkett Smith. Jaden, star of Karate Kid, has had an immense amount of fame recently and with him in the spotlight, we get […]