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As the promo tour for Willow Smith’s older brother [Jayden Smith’s] Karate Kid 2 continues, the fashion choices are still creating quite the stir. As the Smith family popped up on the red carpet in Madrid, Spain Willow awed the crowd with her beautiful green eyes and unique style. It wasn’t the layered feather jacket in hues of blue and black, that seemed to grab everyones attention, nor was it her studded leather boots that SCREAMED rock star!

The first lady of Hollywood decided to take safety pins and use them as earrings! I don’t know what fuels her fashion sense, but with each appearance, I am becoming more, and more of a fan of this young lady. I think her parents are doing an amazing job at empowering Willow to simply be comfortable in her own shoes! Now I remember slicing holes in my jeans ad pinning them back together and calling it ‘innovative fashion’ but never has my mind wondered to wearing them on my body! 

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