It’s a wrap, my friends. This year is just about over, and while at some points, 2014 was the best of times, it was also the worst of times. Oh, how we hate to see you go – but love to watch you leave. Chances are you have plans to end this year with a big bang […]

You checked your list, you checked it twice, and—oh crap, you forgot someone, dammit. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Although technically, the best of us have been paying attention to our weekly gift guides and have our Christmas shopping under wraps and tied with sparkly gold ribbons already. We don’t care […]

Kris Jenner isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. After no-last-name Kendall accessorized her sexy lingerie with a Santa hat—because holiday cheer—for LOVE magazine’s annual advent calendar, she decided it ain’t no fun if the momager can’t have none, and got a little provocative with an oversized candy cane for the camera a week later. Now, just a couple days […]

Remember how excited you were when your parents gave you that Tickle Me Elmo or that creepy Furby you so desperately wanted for Christmas? Well, Kanye West isn’t a regular dad, he’s a cool dad who’s blowing some big bucks on his baby girl’s Christmas gifts. We take it North West isn’t really the doll or teddy bear […]

Holy sh*t. Don’t freak out, but there are only two weeks left of the year. You know what that means, right? There are only two weeks left for you to figure out what the heck you’re going to wear on the night of 2014’s grand finale. Your heart’s racing now, isn’t it? Well then, it’s […]

Who was the one person who’d go through hell or high water to make sure the holidays were perfect for you every year? And when we say hell or high water, we mean fight off other crazed Christmas shoppers for that damn Furby that gives you the creeps just thinking about it? Nope, it wasn’t Santa. It […]

Cue the drumroll. Oh, 2014. As we began reflecting on this past year, we started to realize something. There was a whole lot of nudity. A lot of it. Between Rihanna shining bright like a big butt-naked diamond and being booted off Instagram for her topless spread, to Kim Kardashian leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination and breaking the […]

Dear Santa, here’s a picture of everything we want for Christmas this year: more Beyoncé and a little Chanel somethin’ somethin’. We know we’re being greedy, and yes, we appreciate the couple of new tracks we got with her self-titled Platinum edition album, but one can never have too much Bey. Even she knows this—why else would she […]

No one, absolutely no one, steps out of the house with the aspiration to be the worst-dressed person around. There’s a reason why we spend way, way too long in front of the mirror making at least three outfit changes before even leaving the house. But every year, there comes a time when we forget […]

This Christmas, after you deck the halls with boughs of holly, don’t forget to deck your loved one’s neck with a dick. Sorry for being so vulgar, but just in time for the holidays, Tom Ford is selling a necklace with a penis charm on it, because diamonds just won’t do it this year. No, our minds […]

It’s a well-known fact that Christmas shopping for guys is no easy feat. Women know exactly what they want—they’ve known since like, July—and they have no problem telling you. Our male counterparts, on the other hand, are always clueless. That’s where we come in. Let’s face it: the fellas are less picky, meaning they’ll be […]

The Christmas shopping has commenced and the halls are being decked with boughs of holly, but we’ve been busy making the most out of what the most wonderful time of the year is really about: Looking at all the fine and sexy celebs. Because, research. How else would we bring you the list of the […]