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Who was the one person who’d go through hell or high water to make sure the holidays were perfect for you every year? And when we say hell or high water, we mean fight off other crazed Christmas shoppers for that damn Furby that gives you the creeps just thinking about it?

Nope, it wasn’t Santa. It was your mom, that’s who. You’re all grown up now and that was many moons ago, but it’s reason enough to splurge on the most special lady in your life today.

From an iPad Mini 2 that’ll keep you connected via FaceTime because you promised you’d talk to her more often, to a designer scarf that’ll prove you’ve been paying attention to every time she told you the importance of keeping your head and neck warm, we’ve rounded up our picks for gifts that any mom will appreciate.

Ready to knock out that Christmas list? Shop everything you see above with a click down below, and then check back next week for another gift guide. In the meantime, get some present inspiration for the fashion-forward lady in your life here and your favorite fly guy here.


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