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No one, absolutely no one, steps out of the house with the aspiration to be the worst-dressed person around. There’s a reason why we spend way, way too long in front of the mirror making at least three outfit changes before even leaving the house. But every year, there comes a time when we forget about all of that: that time is ugly Christmas sweater party season.

It’s the one time when you can breathe easy (or at least attempt to when you’re full of so. many. gingerbread cookies.) knowing that you might be the most outrageous looking attendee, and that is perfectly OK. We’ve rounded up eight ugly sweaters that’ll help you do just that. Because there’s levels to this ugly ish, some are bad, and some are really, really bad.

Shop our picks below, then throw one on with your fave jeans and chic booties (because there’s never an excuse for ugly shoes). Be merry for the night, and then hide that thing in the back of your drawer and don’t ever let it see the light of day again. Until next year, at least.

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