We are all ecstatic that Power Book IV: Force returns for its second season this Friday (September 1). Today, we found out when we can expect another show in the Power universe to return. Click inside to find out more!

Everything that's happened all season led up to an exciting season finale where the streets got the bodies they were looking for!

The war between the Thomas organization and the Italians further intensifies. Who has the upperhani after this week's episode?

Things are heating up between Raq and the Italians after the hit on Toni went left!

As every episode passes by, Detective Burke continues to dig deeper and deeper. Did she find anything of importance this episode?

After their eventful time at the Catskills, what will Raq and Kanan's next moves be?

To try and bring her and Kanan back closer, Raq plans a trip upstate. But the trip goes completely differently than expected.

Kanan and Jukebox continue to search for the truth when it comes to their parents. The Thomas family must also deal with some new competition!

How many lies can one person be told before they've had enough? It seems like we're getting closer and closer to finding out!

We got our first huge death of the season this episode. It could possibly change the trajectory of the whole Thomas organization.

The Thomas family is back! A lot has changed for all of them in the three months since Kanan set the streets of Queens on fire!

The Thomas family is back...but the events of last season are threatening to break them a part. How will it all play out?