Terry Richardson is definitely that friend. You know, the one who doesn’t let you have one drunk night without a million photos to remind you? The infamous photographer recently spent his holiday in the newest trendy location of Tulum, Mexico with Jared Leto and pals – and he documented it all. Much to our viewing […]

Well, this isn’t shocking at all. Over the weekend, actor James Franco took to his Instagram to deliver a message to his fans. That message was: “What’s up? Got drugged last night. Somebody slipped me something in bed.” Though he speaks very slowly throughout the InstaVid, when his 15 seconds is almost up, James makes […]

A shocking new video of Lamar has surfaced, showing the former NBA baller looking intoxicated...

Oh, you thought trick-or-treating was the only way you could get some chocolate this Halloween? Well, then you haven’t seen the goodness that is Dez Bryant’s latest Flaunt Magazine editorial. The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver may get all the attention for his game on the field, but off the field and on the glossy pages, focusing on his physique is […]

Usher has the key to bringing woman to their knees, not just with his voice, but with the enviable abs he’s been flashing since he was a baby face on the scene in a white beanie. And with a new role in the bag, he’s pushing his body to new heights. When it comes to remaining fit, […]