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You feeling parched over there? Didn’t get a big enough gulp of what Calvin Klein served us yesterday? Well, magazine wants to help you quench that thirst.

Remember back in October when we told you Justin Bieber and Karl Lagerfeld had something swaggy brewing? Here it finally is. The unlikely duo teamed up for a feature in the fashion magazine, released just one day after the Biebs flexed in his tighty-whiteys for the clothing company.

Uncle Karl lensed the photoshoot, as well as conducted the interview, and although the Biebs isn’t in #hiscalvins, the results are strikingly similar to the CK campaign.

Same black-and-white composition. Same squint. Whether or not his happy trail is real is still unknown. Apparently the one from his advertisement was all Photoshop, according to TMZ.

Happy trail or no happy trail, it doesn’t change our minds about how he looks. (Really, really good.)

See more from the spread in V magazine’s “Music Issue”—more like topless issue, to be honest—when it hits stands January 15.


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