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Tom Holland is spurring heart eye emojis all across the Internet thanks to his quarantine life. The Spider-Man actor recently went viral when he was challenged to put on his T-shirt wile upside down in a handstand.

Only during a quarantine can people think of such things, but Holland was up for the challenge.

Starting off shirtless, he eventually maneuvered the handstand and successfully put on his shirt upside down, although there was a bit of struggle involved.


The Internet wasn’t complaining. Online thirst ensued.


The challenge was so successful, that when Holland challenged Jake Gyllenhaal, the 39-year-old actor obliged, setting off a domino effect of further thirst.


Tom Holland’s adorableness didn’t stop with challenges either. This whole quarantine season, the 23-year-old has been providing activity ideas such as Marvel crossword puzzles…


And regular puzzles of books, that look kind of boring, but surely Tom will make it a fun experience…


In the midst of solving jigsaw pieces, Holland still made time to post cute pics that hopefully gave people strength to quarantine another day.



Holland is definitely keeping his followers entertained.


Stay safe out there people!