Despite all the history Black Panther is making and all the barriers it’s been breaking down, there’s still always that one person who brings hateration to the dancery. According to reports, that one person is Busco, aka Brandon Moore, who’s known for creating the “What Are Those” meme. The term had already made its way […]

That Wakanda reign just won’t let up. This week, Twitter announced that Black Panther is officially the most tweeted about movie of all time…ever…in the world. Alerting us all on Tuesday, March 20, the social networking site also revealed the most retweeted post concerning the film is Kendrick Lamar‘s tweet about the Black Panther soundtrack. […]

The UK flame-spitter also discusses her relationship with The Gorillaz.

The Early birds who saw Black Panther, Thursday night already have twitter popping with spoilers. Black Panther  is the number 1 trending topic but here are words I think will become a part of regular conversation and top trends. Warning!! This post will have some mild spoilers. Nothing on plot of the movie, but I […]