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The Early birds who saw Black Panther, Thursday night already have twitter popping with spoilers. Black Panther  is the number 1 trending topic but here are words I think will become a part of regular conversation and top trends. Warning!! This post will have some mild spoilers. Nothing on plot of the movie, but I will be referring to things that happen in the film.  So consider yourself warned.

Colonizer – It’s just too good to not be apart of everyday conversation. For those who haven’t seen the movie, Colonizer is what they refer to one of the white guys in the movie.

Letitia Wright – She is the spirit of the movie as Black Panther’s sister Shuri . She has the funniest lines and if you’re not following her online, you should. She’s dope.

#TeamKillmonger – While T’Challa is the star of the film, we can’t help but root for the Bad Guy. Killmonger’s point of view

What are those? – Speaking of funny lines, this once popular phrase gets new life after seeing Black Panther. Keep your SNEAKer game right.

#WakandaForever – Because this movie just changed the world.