It's not that they can't sing — we'd just rather see them dance.

Psst…no one’s perfect…even Beyoncé. As much as she slays every performance, the Queen Bey has definitely had her onstage mishaps. The goal is to keep singing and stay fabulous as if nothing happened. Singer Alex Alvarado knows the deal. Watch how he recovers from a nasty slip below.   No sweat.  

So apparently, praise and worship isn’t reserved for the church pulpit. It can go down in the middle of an appliance store…   …or in some hotel-like lobby.   For now, we’re going to call these two unknown singers Sister Betty and Brother Paul. You know their solo spot is reserved come Sunday morning! Let […]

The R&B duo Daniel Daley and Nineteen85, also known as dvsn, brings the nostalgia with a sweat mix of Prince‘s “Purple Rain” and Aaliyah‘s “One in a Million.” Let the Canadian artists get you in your feelings in the clip below! Daniel Daley and Nineteen85.

Lend this Jamaican singer your ears as she takes the global stage.