Today in 1906, the first-ever animated film recorded on standard picture film was released. In honor of cartoon-lovers, we have compiled a list of animated series that have transformed and transcended animated history throughout the years. Here's a list of the top, longest-running animated series to date.

The Perfect Guy had a perfect opening weekend in theaters. The movie, starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy, and Morris Chestnut, is expected to bring in $25.4 million on its premiere weekend. Have you watched the film yet? In light of Paul Walker‘s birthday, his daughter Meadow Walker is launching the Paul Walker foundation. The teenager shared a touching post […]

Robert Downey Jr. recently broke hearts when he announced there would be no Iron Man 4 but, fret not, the actor is confirmed to play the beloved character in another installment of Captain America. According to Us Weekly, sources have confirmed that the actor is in negotiations to bring his Marvel character back to the big screen as part […]

  So this totally happened. On Wednesday night, the controversial animation show South Park took on two very controversial subjects — George Zimmerman and the Stand Your Ground law. In a bizarre mash-up of Brad Pitt’s World War Z and the shocking acquittal of the former neighborhood watchman, the show was a journey through Cartman’s dream […]

Eric Cartman may not be a trendsetter, but when it comes to Muscle Man Marc, he was definitely the 1st one with it. The rambunctious 4th grader of South Park fame first showed off his stuffed toy, made in Marc Jacobs’ likeliness in the 1% issue of the show where the plush toy made an […]

Muscle Man Mark is back and in full effect, but this time he is designing shirts featuring his good ol’ pals over at South Park. In his newest t-shirt launch Marc Jacobs has South Park‘s Cartman going balls out for melanoma awareness. PHOTOS: Marc Jacobs Made An Appearance On South Park…As A Doll As a […]

Comedy Central cartoon “South Park” has long been known to poke fun at some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. In Wednesday night’s episode, comedy mogul Tyler Perry was the butt of the joke, winning the fictional “Kathy Griffin Award” for least funny person on the planet. We’re sure Spike Lee is somewhere laughing right now. Check […]


GlobalGrind got a chance to talk with one of the latest Brits to cross over to the American main stream music scene, Jessie J. The always-dolled-up pop star, whose album drops on April 12th, has an eclectic sound, style and outlook on life that is inspired by a bunch of her favorite things. It’s not […]


Every day there are tons of music related tidbits that float around the internet, but how is one to know what’s good, what’s worth listening to and what everyone will be talking about tomorrow? Well, you’re in luck, because GlobalGrind has rounded up some of the coolest, most buzzworthy musical information of the day and […]


Everyone is talking about it and now we finally have the official lineup of XXL’s 2011 Freshman Class, wherein the magazine picks the hottest up and coming MCs of the year. Hip-hop fans have been ablaze, discussing the list all over the internet and XXL has finally posted the brand new version of the cover […]


Is the new MacBook Air faster than the old one?  Thanks to geek blogs all over the internet, many gadgets can be test driven virtually before sliding a credit card and Gizmodo ran the necessary speed test to educate consumers about the newest laptop from Mac.   To give you a brief comparison, the new […]


To all those Mac users who are part of the ever growing cult-like following of Apple, there have been several new releases announced, bound to have you on the edge of your seats (or keyboards perhaps)! At Apple’s recent Mac and OS X event, it was announced that many new features and upgrades have been […]