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So this totally happened.

On Wednesday night, the controversial animation show South Park took on two very controversial subjects — George Zimmerman and the Stand Your Ground law.

In a bizarre mash-up of Brad Pitt’s World War Z and the shocking acquittal of the former neighborhood watchman, the show was a journey through Cartman’s dream where he imagined black Americans, outraged by the verdict, would react like zombies.

And yes, Brad Pitt was played by Cartman. Which was just about the only funny thing in the thirty minute mash-up.

Cartman was worried that his black schoolmate Token would blame him for the verdict. Believing that Token was “patient zero,” Cartman decides that he has to shoot him. And in comes the lecture about the infamous Stand Your Ground law.

“This is hopeless,” Cartman says. “How am I supposed to shoot Token with all these stupid rules?”

Instead he travels to Florida to shoot another “patient zero,” George Zimmerman.

But then this happens — the U.S. government arrives and asked Zimmerman to shoot a young African-American.

That young boy is Token, whose face has now been plastered across America as the boy who started the zombie/black people apocalypse.

“I gave that up,” Zimmerman said.

In the distance he sees Cartman…er, I mean Brad Pitt. Dressed up in a black hoodie and blackface, he believes the child to be…well…black. He shoots him, declaring that act as “more needless violence.” The government calls him a hero. But after discovering that Cartman is actually white, Zimmerman is convicted and executed.


Here’s what happens next:

In the increasingly zany plot, Cartman had actually survived … to shoot schoolmate Token. Cartman claimed he had stood his ground.

But Token survived to argue with Cartman over stand your ground law. “It’s a pretty [expletive] stupid law,” Token said. “Why does standing your ground not apply to [expletive] white people?”

Mad confusing? Yes. Did it have some themes we need to address? Most definitely. But is it too soon to use Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman for comedic relief, even if it does examine some important themes?

Maybe. Watch the entire episode here and tell us what you think below.

SOURCE: Comedy Central, Orlando Sentinel

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