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Is the new MacBook Air faster than the old one?  Thanks to geek blogs all over the internet, many gadgets can be test driven virtually before sliding a credit card and Gizmodo ran the necessary speed test to educate consumers about the newest laptop from Mac.  

To give you a brief comparison, the new 13” MacBook Air 1.86 GHz scored 108 on the Speedmark 6.5 score while the older 13” 1.86 GHZ scored 54.  Software such as iTunes and Photoshop worked more switftly on the new Airs.


Compared to the 13” Mac Book Pros however, the new MacBook Airs are slower with video encoding. The new MacBook Ait also comes with an updated graphics chip, Nvidia GeForce 320M making quite an impression for 3D gamers.

While there are many fair pros and cons to the 13” Mac Book Air the 11”inch version is probably not a good choice if you are looking to replace your main computer especially if heavy video work will be done and also intense Photoshop sessions which are memory intensive.