“Is there any boys around; that know how to make a girl feel?” – TEAIRRA MARI I was once advised by my father “You can’t fall in love with someone until you fall Out of love with yourself” is this statement true, does it even make sense, is there a woman with this mentality “walking around”…..does this feeling […]

The video for Ke$ha’s Blah Blah Blah has been released and it seems like the pop star might be taking a few shots at our favorite guidos. In the beginning of the video there is a guy who is trying to get into the club and well, he sort of looks like a guido. #KanyeShrug! […]

Check out this video of Gary Coleman losing it on Entertainment Tonight’s ‘The Insider.’ Remember folks, he doesn’t waffle!

When a successful or powerful man walks into the room and sees the most beautiful woman in the room and gravitates towards her, maybe even before an inspired, insightful and even enlightened woman, he is dealing with a normal, human limitation, searching for something on the outside instead of something on the inside. When a […]

<p>Gary Coleman was arrested on Sunday for domestic violence in his Utah home.</p>

Bill bombed some countries when he got caught getting a blowjay. Bush talked about gay marriage when the Iraq war went to the crapper. And Scottie Pippen put out “Balls Deep in Love” after getting beat up by midgets. Did I stutter? Do I look like Ron Harper? “Given the recent controversy surrounding Gary Coleman, […]