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Uh, no, we still aren't done talking about all the things that went down at the 2014 Oscars...

Someone order the chicken wings, Super Bowl Sunday is on its way! Even if you haven’t watched a wink of football for the entire season, Super Bowl Sunday is the one day where you can indulge with friends and enjoy all the beers and festivities. But here is the kicker: you don’t have to dress […]

Creepy crawlers are something we typically stray away from or treat with bug spray, but last night Solange, who must have grown tired of geometric prints, let them crawl right into her wardrobe. With Pre-Grammy festivities in full swing, Solange was out celebrating the Spotify and Troy Carter Pre-Grammy Party wearing a Azede Jean-Pierre Spring 2014 white bug print long-sleeve […]

If you’re anything like me, you can’t resist a good ol’ sing-along at the top of your lungs to Kelis‘ “Caught Out There,” complete with the hair-whipping and intense squints. OK, I may be alone on that one, but if we can all agree on one thing, it’s going to be this: Kelis is pretty damn […]

You promised that 2014 would be the year you became the best-dressed guy on the block. Whether you spent the holiday giving or receiving, we’re sure you have the itch to spend a few extra coins on a revamp of your wardrobe. With promises of “new me in a new year” flooding social media timelines, the innate […]

A wise man named Drake once eloquently described the cold front, also known at the Polar Vortex, currently dominating North America’s livelihood, with one powerful word in an Instagram caption, “Brick.” And he was pretty damn accurate. With windchill in the negative degrees, frost bite is imminent if one isn’t hip to the game of […]

The holiday cheer has come to a halt and ’tis the season to purge your closet. With promises of a “new me in a new year” flooding social media timelines, we know you have the innate desire to make some changes, even if they are slight ones, like becoming a better dressed version of your […]

There is something so thrilling about having an occassion to shop for. The change of season inspires us to be better dressed versions of our former selves. The onset of Fall makes us want to be better at working layers effectively and the onset of a New Year will always, without fail, leave us with […]

How did we get here? It seems like last week we were all about the crop tops and denim shorts that came with summer and now here we are, reviewing it all. Last year, at the wane of 2012, we predicted just about everything that was going to be hot in 2013. From the success […]

Remember that time, many warmer days ago, when Labor Day came and rudely declared the end of summer? Well, it also called for the end of one more thing: wearing white. But this winter is a little different when it comes to being told what to do. If you take a gander at the trends that […]

For the majority of 2013, Pantone had us all head over heels for Emerald Green, but that green is so last year. Say hello to 2014’s newest player, Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s color of the year for 2k14. The hue-focused company selects the “color of the year” as a prediction for what we will be seeing in […]

Holiday season is all about decking the halls and checking that list twice, and that doesn’t leave room for excuses not to check yourself out twice – especially in the wardrobe department. This year’s trends were all about mixing high and low, adding textures and keeping the lines clean. While it may be tempting to […]