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Kristen Stewart was never really the “it” fashion girl.  Sure, the then-teenager was the focus of an unimaginable number of magazine interviews, covers and other things of the sort, but she never really embodied the super star pizzazz that young Hollywood needed.  PHOTOS: RED CARPET RECAP: Robert & Kristen Reunite On “Breaking Dawn” Carpet While the likes […]

  Hurricane Sandy came, she saw, she conquered, and she also added a couple of pounds to the waistlines of those who were fortunate enough to sustain minimal damage from the ferocious storm.  Yesterday, the New York Times ran a feature titled “Jeans Tight? Blame Sandy” that pointed out the ever obvious: sitting home and […]

  Like the unpopular girl who wasn’t invited to the party, Sandy is here y’all, and she came with a fury.  As promised, the entire East Coast is being pummeled with a hurricane, coupled up with a full moon and a high tide. The public transit system is down and more than likely you are […]

Trends, love them or hate them, they will somehow incept your mind! The latest trend that may be appealing to you as fall and winter collections dominate floor seats is the over abundance of jewel toned clothing, including rich emeralds and burgundy…except burgundy isn’t quite called burgundy anymore.  PHOTOS: TREND ALERT: Be Cooler Than Metal In […]

We’ve been so caught up on all things leather and baroque for fall that this stellar trend almost slipped right over our heads! The last time we spoke about Kelly Osbourne, she was defending her black diamond manicure that cost about $250,000. STORY: Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Give A Damn What You Think Of Her $250K Manicure […]

Halloween is on its way!  You’re still undecided on whether you should go with slutty plumber or Honey Boo Boo for your Halloween costume, but one thing that we can decide on is that Halloween nail art is the best of all the holiday seasons! PHOTOS: Beyonce Reveals Her Personal Inspiration & Shows Off Wacky Nail […]

  Fall is the trickiest season of them all. Some days fall can be the distant cousin of late August, right before doing a 180 and becoming the best friend to father frost and winter himself. PHOTOS: TREND WATCH: Stars Are Hot For Hats This Season But even trickier than the season itself, is dressing for […]

Halloween may get the entire spotlight when it comes to October, but the real star that deserves shine for all 31 days of the month is Breast Cancer Awareness.  According to statistics from, about 1 in 8 U.S. women (just under 12 percent) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, […]

Finally, after a summer hiatus, real television is back with an all-new lineup of great shows, new plots and all new celebs to style stalk.  Sure, we will always have the TV stylecons that we hold dear to our hearts, like Sex and the City‘s Sarah Jessica Parker and Gossip Girl Blake Lively, but they have had […]

  Fall is here!  Pumpkin-inspired drinks have made their way back into your favorite coffee shops, and it is finally time to say adios to the bikinis and beaches of summer until next year. PHOTOS: TREND WATCH: Stars Are Hot For Hats This Season Transitioning seasons is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re constantly second […]

Life should be colorful and so should your closet. With fall fast approaching, fashionistas everywhere will have to tap into their spidey senses to stay stylish over all those layers. So, why not add a little color? A touch of color can turn any fashion fail fab! TREND ALERT: The Best Oversize Clutches To Fit […]

There’s an old saying that one should never throw out clothes because fashions always come back into style. Well, if fashionistas of the past never parted with their clothes, there would be no vintage shops at hand to help escape the monotone retail trap of wearing what everyone else is wearing.  PHOTOS: Jordin Sparks & Others […]